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MORE DETAILS: Ankeny Teacher’s Sexual Exploitation Arrest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A former Ankeny teacher is out on bond after being accused of having a relationship with a student.

Police arrested 33-year old Mandy Davenport Thursday. She is charged with one count of sexual exploitation by a school employee.

Police say she had a relationship with a 17-year-old male student while she was teaching at Ankeny High School.

Davenport resigned from her position on Monday.

The school district released the following statement:

“The conduct alleged in this case is not tolerated in Ankeny schools. The district thoroughly investigates any report that raises a concern about the conduct of a staff member, including any report of an inappropriate relationship.

“In this case, the staff member was immediately placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.  Our investigation resulted in contacting the Ankeny Police Department and information being turned over for possible criminal investigation.  Ms. Davenport resigned her position effective April 7, and the Ankeny School District is fully cooperating with police in their ongoing investigation. The district has also followed its statutory requirements and notified the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners regarding this investigation.”


  • Paul Moyer

    What about the student? If the law was broken, the student knew or should have known. Is it right that the student gets off without even a wrist slap but the adult looses their job, their future and is likely labeled for life a sex offender? If the students were held accountable, would this happen as often? Just because they’re a student/under 18, unless they were held against their own free will, should they be charged as well for allowing/promoting/even instigating it to happen?

    • Melanie Bieker (@Melanie_Marie__)

      I hear what you are saying but remember, the law says they are CHILDREN until they are the age of 18 and must be treated as such. It honestly doesn’t matter whether they will it to happen, instigate it to happen or coerese the other party into it – As the responsible adult she should of held the self control she needed and viewed her students as students not objects to be lusted after and conquered.

  • steve mobley

    She will get a slap on the wrist but if it was a male teacher doing that with a 17 yr old girl, different story and outcome sad to say.

  • Alyssa

    Just saying she didn’t do this by herself. He was involved in as her as a teacher. It’s hard to believe but it’s sad and not just her fault. No one knows the full story and that’s why it’s sad. It takes two to be in a relationship. I understand he’s 17 but this is going to hurt her for the rest of her life!

  • Ankeny Mom -

    it is a tough call regarding the boy. we try 14 and 15 year olds as adults for murder, and generally I agree with that. At 14, you should know that shooting someone 4 times is going to ‘make them dead’ and dead is forever.

    I think the law is so harsh on these cases to protect the emotional health of the ‘child’ as much as anything.
    In todays’ society, sadly, many 17 year old boys have had sex. As have many 17 year old girls. There has been some speculation that the boy involved was a handsome, popular boy. Possibly the type to see this as a ‘feather in his cap’ to be involved with the teacher. He may not have any long lasting emotional effects, and maybe should be punished.
    now…I am throwing out hypothetical situations. I do not know this woman, nor do I know the story. I’m just trying to look at situations this law must cover.

    What if the student is failing the class and the teacher tells them this is the only way they will pass? something like that could mess up their view of relationships for life. They may always feel that they only reason people are involved with them is because they want something. People would be outraged if a teacher was making a student repair their home, or do their lawn care in exchange for a good grade. No one would say ‘the student knew this was wrong’.

    The biggest problem here is not his age, or her age, it is the fact that she represented an authority figure in his life. An inexperienced young person could be convinced they wanted this, or even that it was their idea. If a student is shy, and somewhat insecure, having a teacher that they respect pay some special attention to them could easily convince them to do something they know is not right. Then, when the teacher moves on, what if that student has become infatuated and commits suicide because they are no longer ‘special’ to anyone?

    I do think in a lot of cases with a student this old, it is probably more or less consensual, I think you have to protect the students. If she truly had feelings for him, she needed to wait until he graduated. I don’t now what grade he was in, but, it said he was 17 at the time. I believe one article listed him as a ‘former student’.

  • John Doe

    Her future lies in the testimony of the of the former student. Sexual Exploitation in Iowa could be anything from heavy flirting to sexual contact, so lets not all assume it was the most extreme circumstance. If she was sleeping with him, there would have likely been additional charges as well. This should be settled outside of court, let’s hope for the best for all parties involved.

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