WASIKE BEATING: Teen Changes Plea To Guilty

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A teenager accused in a brutal Des Moines carjacking has changed his plea to guilty.

Court records show 16-year-old Leshaun Murray had a plea hearing earlier this week. His trial was scheduled to begin Monday.

Investigators say Murray along with two other teens severely beat Mike Wasike in a carjacking last year. He suffered a fractured skull and brain damage and has been in therapy ever since.

Murray is charged with two counts of first degree robbery. He will be sentenced in June.

Terrence Cheeks, 17, will stand trial later this month. Kenneth Barry, 17, is scheduled to go to court in May.


  • How horrid!

    I’m not saying it had to be the parents’ faults. good people can have bad kids. It does make you wonder though, were the parents of these kids involved in their lives much at all that they could think this was an ok thing to do? Or did these kids spend time, hanging out, playing ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and committing other acts of vandalism and crimes until they built up to this? No, I’m not saying that playing video games makes a bad person out of a good one.
    I’m just saying I wonder if they had any parental involvement, or community involvement?

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