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BRIDGE COLLAPSE: Driver Crossing Bridge Falls Into Creek

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A bridge in Guthrie Center collapsed Friday night into "Brushy Creek" as a farmer drove his tractor across it. The man driving the tractor was taken to the hospital and released with non - life threatening injuries.

However, Saturday morning, crews were still picking up the aftermath. The tractor and the two ammonia tankers it was pulling have been removed from the creek but several pieces of wood and metal still remain. Crews don't believe anything spilled into the creek but they did place spill pillows in the water to be safe.

Crews say the bridge was built in the 1950’s which raises their concern. John Knobloch with the Agriland farming cooperative, the company whose tractor fell into the creek, says there is a legitimate need to better infrastructure for bridges.

“The rural bridges are getting weaker and the equipment is getting larger and so the bridges are just plain old getting older.”

Iowa ranks number third in the nation for the most structurally deficient bridges.


  • Goose

    It’s to bad the county is being blamed! The brigdes were inspected last year and the weight rating was dropped to and posted at 3 tons (6,000 lbs), that rig weighs 47,000 lbs. There was also a width restriction that the driver did not follow. There was a fish kill at least four miles down stream as of last night due to the ammonia tanks leaking in the water and air.

  • Bryan G. Jensen

    it isn’t a funding issue, not even a bridge safety issue, it is a stupid farmer issue attempting to cross the bridge with what anyone with half a brain cell would know exceeded the bridge’s capacity.

    • Jebediah Deznuts

      I don’t kindly to you city folk sayin whats your sayin. You leave my pigs alone. You hear me boy?

  • Mike Rees

    Just checked river I would say a 2- 6 inch fish floating every 5-10 feet! 3:00 Sunday afternoon! About 4 miles down river from incedent! Sad!

  • William Denison

    Little girl: Mommy whys does my water taste like anhydrous ammonia?
    Mother: Shut up and drink your meth.

  • Harry Moyer

    It’s called infrastructure folks. Infrastructure Bills are opposed by Republibags as they would create jobs for the folks that are out of work; and that is exactly the opposite of what they want.

    • Joe dirt

      I don’t think it’s only republican fault. People that don’t understand, the current administration spent a Billion Dollars on infrastructure projects like this bridge. I guess you could say that the Democrats squandered the ,money on unions, pensions, and everything else than infrastructure. Maybe Harry should pay more taxes or fund this bridge for repairs out of your pocket. Clearly the COOPS driver didn’t follow the signage on the bridge. Don’t worry, Maybe Bruce Brailey will come through with the funds like he DIDN’T at lake Delhi.

    • HB

      Harry, Would you have us continue to borrow the money to fix every problem that anyone in the world might ever have? You can’t fix stupid. Some moron drives over a posted bridge and you blame Republicans? Look around, Obama has mortgaged my future as well as my childrens and grand childrens with out of control spending by left wing nut jobs. Enough is enough!

  • Matthew

    It’s too bad the corrupt politicians of our state (Democrats and Republicans) have given illegal settlement money to former employees. That money could have been used for issues like this around the state. I am so sick of giving my tax money to the state and federal governments just for it to be mismanaged!!

    • Fred Kenzie

      Why has no one bothered to mention which street, road, highway, etc., the bridge at Brushy Creek is on?

      • Kristy

        Because no one was murdered there; otherwise we’d know addresses, names, ages, and all other pertinent information.

    • Brian Keith

      thank Corporate Greed for Being In Politics and the GRAND Obstruction Party for voting down the 7 attempts to pass those bills and having everyone around the Country Hating Obama because The Teapublican followers have a short memory when John Boehner said he will refuse to work with the P.O.T.U.S. BACK IN 2010.

      • HB

        You’re an idiot. Years and years of Democrat control an you are still blaming GOP and Tea Party. When do DEMONCRATS take responsibility for anything. National Debt,l $17 trillion and growing because of morons like you. WAKE UP!

  • JK

    I don’t think this is any ONE persons fault. We are all guilty because we let things deteriorate. We use bridges, highways, etc until something like this happens. We all use to our advantage but do we take the initiative to report the safety issues to proper authority. If we report and nothing is done, then we can point fingers as who is to blame. If there is someone inspecting these bridges and gives his stamp of approval, he should lose his job!!! It is not a Democrat or Republican problem because I doubt if it would ever be taken care of. The authories in each county should be watching and making sure that people are safe when it comes to OLD BRIDGES!!

  • Tony Dillon

    Date given for this bridge is way off as it is actually an historic structure that dates from about 1910. It’s a shame that instead of taking a short detour to cross a modern bridge, this farmer in all of his ignorant glory decided to break the law and destroy a piece of transportation history in the process. And then has his AG rep talk for him and blame the bridge and the county!

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