MUSICAL CANCELLED: Students Spent Months Rehearsing

Students are learning the hard way just how far VEISHEA’s influence reaches. Junior Kourtney Richards spent months rehearsing for Stars Over VEISHEA’s production of “Into the Woods.” “I immediately started crying. I was not ready at all to say goodbye to the show or the character or the cast or anything,” said Richards.

Richards agrees something needed to be done after Tuesday night’s incident in Campustown. But she says the family oriented activities should not have been canceled.

About 80 students were involved in the production.

The cast performed three shows prior to Tuesday.

But members say VEISHEA week is what they look forward to because it has the biggest turnout.

The production is funded by VEISHEA. School officials say they tried rescheduling the shows, but it wasn’t possible for a number of reasons.

The last time officials cancelled VEISHEA was in 2005. However that time they did not cancel “Stars of VEISHEA.”


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