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DRUG DEATHS: Doctor’s Trial Beginning

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jury selection is scheduled to get underway Monday, in the trial of a Des Moines doctor charged with ten counts of involuntary manslaughter.

Dr. Daniel Baldi’s trail has been pushed back several times. It was originally set for December, then rescheduled for February, before being moved again to this month.

Baldi is accused of recklessly prescribing painkillers to ten patients who later died. One of those patients was Slipknot bassist Paul Grey.

Baldi’s trial is the first of its kind in Iowa.


  • William Denison

    After he was made aware of the first death he continued. That makes him no different than a serial killer. He should be in chains and a orange jumpsuit. 10 people dead from this mans hands and hes out walking around. Only in Iowa.

  • Sue

    William, once again you are showing what an idiot you truly are to the world.

    Charging doctors with criminal offenses for caring for patients is a very slippery slope.

    • William Denison

      As I said before I’m idiot savant. I watched a very near and dear family member die from these drugs so easily prescribed. Just six month before his death he told he wished he could just use cannabis for his pain but could not cuz of his job. He was in trucking. This is why I am so pro med cannabis. RIP Joey I miss you brother :(

      • Bill

        I’m very sorry to hear about your family member. I also had a 24 year old grandson die because he was unable to shake an addiction he acquired after a painful broken ankle. There were doctors in the area that were more than willing to give him anything he wanted.
        If you haven’t seen it, check out the video i included with a statement later on two of the notes I sent earlier.
        Sorry I can’t share all the feeling about canabis with you….Maybe if it really helps a person in serious pain. I just don’t think we need another recreational drug.

    • Tracy

      I do not agree- this man is/was/has always been a very caring Pain Management specialist.
      He told me personally as a patient how he would recommend alternate options for me than pain meds. With that said I got a injection in my neck and have had no problems with it since! The individuals that he was treating for pain- he was trying to help them but they already have a problem…addiction to far stronger drugs that I’m positive Dr Baldie was unaware of. No offense intended and God bless those that overdosed (on whatever) but they were going to die- you can’t “blame” another!

  • Joy

    He shouldn’t be at fault for deaths that were caused by people taking more then he prescribed or for the patients that were taking illegal drugs at the time of their death! Because people like that abused the drugs it makes it hard for some patients to get a dr to prescribe anything for
    chronic pain. I personally think Dr. Baldi is an amazing and caring dr..

  • Bill Erickson

    Neither Sue or Joy have a clue about drug cases of this type. The deaths from prescription drug overdoses exceeds the deaths due to automobile accidents. Sanji Gupta and Bill Clinton had a one hour special on the subject a couple of months ago and interviewed young men who nearly died. It is far more complex than just having the will to quit the drugs.
    The drugs that Dr. Baldi prescribed are increadibly addictive and Dr. Baldi as a physician must have known that…..but there are lots of $$$ for those who prescribe. In my opinion he is a criminal of the worst kind and should be put away for a long time and have his license to pratice revoked permanently.
    Study this subject Sue and Joy…..”Nice” Doctors can also be evil in their grab for the $$. Pick your Dr.s for how competent they are, not how “nice”.

    • Walter

      I am truly stunned that their are people as clueless as you out walking amongst the rest of bill.

      Taken at recommended dosages these drugs do not kill people, these people kill themselves by taking too much and mixing with other drugs.

      • Bill

        You, Sue, and Joy are at the same level of being informed on this subject. You are taking the standard physicians protective stance. You obviously don’t understand how a person can take these drugs for a pain and because of their extreme addictive nature, become impossibly addicted. You need to study this subject that resulted in the death of over 14,000 people two years ago and is still a major epidemic in this country. You might also ask why the US pharmacies produce thousands of times more of these pills (which were designed originally for end of life pain relief) than are required in this country…..on and on.

  • Walter

    Bil Clinton and liberal Dr. Gupta…….now there are two honest, credible, reliable sources of information.

    • Bill

      They are way more credible and informed than you are on this subject. Obviously you have not watched it or any other info on this subject. I’m sure you don’t want to be bothered with the facts….just bable uninformed opinions.

      • Sue

        Criticism of reporting

        Some journalists and journalism professors specializing in health care have criticized Gupta’s coverage. Trudy Lieberman, a regular Nation contributor on healthcare and director of the health and medicine reporting program at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism,[35] reviewed Gupta’s “ineptitude” in reporting on the McCain health plan. Lieberman criticized Gupta for relying on insurance industry statistics, and a health expert quoted by Lieberman said that Gupta’s reporting “gives a gross oversimplification”.[36]

        Peter Aldhous criticized Gupta’s “enthusiasm for many forms of medical screening – even when the scientific evidence indicates that it may not benefit patients”. He and other medical journalists accuse him of a “pro-screening bias” in promoting widespread electrocardiogram and prostate cancer screening, even though medical authorities like the US Preventive Services Task Force recommend against it.[37]

        Others have criticized Gupta’s promotion of Merck’s cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil, without disclosing the financial arrangements between CNN and Merck.[38]

        Gary Schwitzer, professor of health journalism at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism, has also criticized Gupta’s reporting.[39][40]

        Bill Clinton? Don’t even have to comment on him, you all know the deal.

  • Bill

    Sue, Joy, and Walter,
    Sue must either be a close friend of Dr Baldi’s or a shill for the medical establishment or pharmacuticle companies….It’s amazing how fast you dug up all that criticism of Gupta….I’d say you are clearly in the Medical profession camp.
    By the way, my 23 year old grandson died of this scourage on Christmas day 2011 after attending a family gathering at our home. He became addicted after an accident that broke his akle and had to take pain killers. After four tries with treatment centers etc. he was unable to cope. The drugs are too powerful for many (14000 in 2010) to overcome.
    I have studied this subject in great detail….I seriously doubt that any of you watched or will watch the video…..

    Just for you….I attached 2 web pages on what we do in California scum doctors that engage in Dr Baldi’s trade. There are many more.;_ylt=A0SO8wd9NExTBGYAF4JXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTBzcnZmYjNuBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMTAEY29sbwNncTEEdnRpZAM-

    • Bill

      I knew that was comming Sue….pretty weak. I’m born, raised and educated in Iowa…Des Moines. Your trying to put me down falls short of a good Iowa debater….your shallow putdowns have nothing to do with the subject.
      Here is another video on the subject that might clear your mind…..This is a national epidemic and you are either grossly uninformed or a shill…based on your comments I’d say the latter.

      watch the video or keep your half thinking to yourself….ops that’s politically incorrect ….we have freedom of speach ..even in California.

    • Mike

      Sue, I’m with you…Bill, you do not know the facts of the patients or the facts case…I’m close to the case and the patients that over dosed did not have drugs prescribed by dr. Baldi in their systems…and the patients that did have drugs in their systems, the drugs were at therapeutic levels when dr. Baldi conducted urine drug screens…and Baldi did massive amounts of urine drug screens to make sure his pain patient population was compliant…docs that are associated with over prescribing or pill mills DO NOT urine drug test their patients…

      • Bill

        It’s just very curious why then law enforcement would go after him for being at least partially responsible for so many deaths if it was so obvious that he had nothing to do with them. Lets hope you are correct and he innocent.

  • Joy

    Bill I was a patient of Dr. Baldi. And when he noticed that I was abusing the meds he gave me he IMMEDIATELY took me off and put me on something different. So don’t sit there and lecture me about anything!!!!! He is a very caring
    dr. Its not like the first time I saw him he gave me drugs. He spent over an hour in the hospital talking to me about the pain I was having. And he tried 3 or 4 different meds before we found one that worked. And like I said after he found out I wss abusing them he switched me to something because he didn’t want my children to wake up one day and find me dead! I will be forever grateful to him for saving my life! So don’t go running your mouth about what you “think” you know about! I’m so sorry you lost your grandson but not every situation is like that. So for you to group them all together is unfair to us patients and to Dr. Baldi.

    • Bill

      I’m very sorry that you have persistant pain and happy for you that the Dr. treats you in a caring and respectful way. I hope you may soon be off of any pain drugs.
      It must cause you great concern that he and only he has been charged in 9 deaths due to overdose abuse that is common in this country. He may very well be innocent of the crimes he is charged with but this is a cronic problem in this county and many DO s are charged and convicted and sent to prison…see my post with web pages. He may be inocent as the driven snow…I hope so.

      • Joy

        Bill, I honestly think they just need someone to blame. Before I met Dr.Baldi I had a different pain dr from Mercy.He put me on a high dose of methadone. He didn’t really care that it turned me into a “zombie”. I would just sit there for hours sraring off into space.Finally my mom stepped in and took them away.I stopped seeing him and started seeing Dr. Baldi.
        I agree that there is a big drug problem but I just don’t think its fair to put the blame on Dr. Baldi or any dr for that matter if the pt are gonna abuse the drugs. I can’t blame him for what happened to me. It would be very easy to do it but at the end of the day I MADE THE CHOICE to abuse the meds….not him…

  • Bill

    I applaud your honesty in taking responsibility for your part in the addiction you have dealt with. I have been told that that is the only way a person can come to grips with any addiction. I have seen what happens when a person can’t deal with it. As a mother I’m sure you feel that you must.
    Our intire extended family has been saddened beyond our imagination by the loss of our grandson on Christmas day 2011 five hours after he left our house. I would not wish that on anyone. His addiction started with a seriously broken ankle and the wonderful pills he was appropriately given for the pain. Unfortunately the pills are highly addictive and that is the danger….later pills were readily available from local Drs etc. His death was likely due to the fact that he had been in treatment and off the pills for about a month and then tried to take the same dose as previously and that is a deadly combination….or perhaps he had a beer and the pills.
    I won’t bore you any more with the details.
    I wish you only good luck.

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