DASH VIDEO: Maquoketa Officer Cleared In Shooting

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A Maquoketa police officer involved in a shooting incident with a suspect who later took his own life has been cleared.

The Jackson County Attorney’s Office has determined Sgt. Brendan Zeimet’s actions during a gunfight with 30-year-old Aaron Scott were “justified and reasonable.”

Zeimet was checking on a truck parked on the wrong side of the street in the 200 block of West Grove Street in the early morning hours of April 1st when the shooting took place. He approached the truck and noted Scott seemed to be intoxicated and there was a rifle in his hand.

Zeimet told Scott to put the gun down but he raised the rifle and the shooting began. Officials say Scott fired 14 to 19 shots at Zeimet, hitting him once in the arm. Zeimet fired seven times at Scott, who was hit in the leg. Neither injury was life-threatening.

Scott escaped the scene in his truck, which was later found rolled in Clinton County ditch. Scott was inside, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Officers found three other guns in the truck and a large amount of ammunition.

Investigators say Scott had a falling out with a girlfriend a few hours before the incident and had called his ex-wife to come take care of their son because “he had a score to settle.” When his ex-wife arrived at the home, Scott was already gone but she discovered a suicide note and several boxes of ammunition. Officials say Scott had a history of mental health and alcohol abuse issues.

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  • plynitsafe

    Wow .. Reason to NEVER get out of your vehicle when you are stopped by a Police Officer and This Police Officer was Very Lucky !! The Officer should have told the driver of the truck to get Back in his Vehicle !! I thought that was a “Rule” of thumb. If you are pulled over, I thought you are to Stay put in your vehicle. It’s a Rule I would go by!!

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