OVERSIGHT HEARING: More On ‘Secret’ Settlements

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Another Senate Oversight Committee hearing took place Monday afternoon.

Two meetings looking into confidential settlement agreements were scheduled, and then canceled last week.

The committee was supposed to meet on Thursday to talk to two of fired Department of Administrative Services Director Mike Carroll’s former deputies, Doug Woodley and Paul Carlson.

The duo faced the committee Monday and were asked where the money to pay off the former workers came from. DAS CEO Doug Woodley replied the payments came from individual departments and their operating budgets.

“For example in the design and construction area consists of what it takes to operate that organization so anyone impacted in that area for example would be paid from that area moving forward,” Woodley said.

Governor Branstad responded to the committee’s hearing saying Democrats should focus on things other than the secret settlements.

When asked about the hearings during a morning press conference, the governor called the investigation partisanship at its worst.

“That’s not fair and it’s not courteous.  I believe that we need to, and we’re trying to do everything we can to cooperate and make sure that the public gets the info they need. The thing that troubles me is that some people are just interested in politics, I’m interested in better public policy,” says Branstad.

Branstad says the legislative session should be adjourned by now, and there are other priorities Iowa lawmakers should be focused on, like passing a budget that’s balanced instead of playing partisan politics.


  • J K Hove

    The old guy’s mind MUST have slipped a bit. He really isn’t King Terry and one has to wonder if we really want him around another four years. And another four years. . . These stories have gone nationwide.

    Am becoming embarrassed to be an Ioweign.

  • John

    How is the government oversight committee ‘overseeing government’ either partisan or a waste of time governor?
    How is the exposure of a blatant liar discourteous or unfair? especially when you fired the liar for lying? If the papers hadn’t turned up you’d still be calling your agency head the most upstanding and trustworthy individual in the state; that doesn’t make your judgement appear sound and it impugns your integrity Terry B…
    Open the doors, files, and e-mails for investigation and direct your agency heads to appear when summoned and answer all questions without a weeks worth of closed door preparation. What we tell children goes for politicians too: just because Tommy and Chester did it doesn’t make it right for Terry to do it.
    Everything the Governor has done for a month looks and smells like a cover-up and it’s too late to save his shoes- he’s already stepped in it.

    • William Denison

      From what I understand a good buddy is a friend. Unless your good buddy has lips like putty then its a whole different ball game.

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