John and Andy have a lively debate over Stephen Colbert's new job as the host of the Late Show, Bubba's latest Master's win, and Abdel Nader's OWI and whether he should sit the bench when the season starts.

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  • Charles Pille

    “Time for Andy and I to…” John, you mean “Time for And and me to…” You are a subject of the preposition “for”, so you should use the subjective form of the personal pronoun. If that’s too complicated, think of it this way – use the pronoun you would use if Andy weren’t there. You wouldn’t say, “Time for I to…”.

    Unfortunately, you’re not the only one to make that very common mistake. One of the things I always admire about Pat Hughes is that in his Cubs broadcasts, he always knows when to say “Ron and I” and when to say “Ron and me”.

    And that’s what’s buggin’ me.

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