ALICE’S CORRIDOR: Name Change For Waukee Development

We will learn more Wednesday about a big development project in Waukee. It’s currently known as the Alice’s Corridor Project but city leaders are changing that name.

“I think it’s important that you have a named area where people start identifying with because then as this thing develops people will start developing with it.” Mayor Bill Peard said.

The 1,500 acre space between University Avenue and the Interstate-80 interchange will be a mixture of homes, stores and restaurants and will serve as Waukee’s town center.

However, Alice’s Road, the road the town center will sit on, is named after Alice Nezzi. Decades ago, Nezzi owned Alice’s Spaghetti Land when the town was still developing. City leaders say they want to change the name of Alice’s Road because it doesn’t fit with the theme of the new town center.

Some feel if the name is changed, the history of the road will be lost.

“I really would like to keep the name Alice’s Road because that is the history of Waukee, well part of the history of Waukee, and I’m afraid that once the name is gone everyone is going to forget everything about it,” Terry Snyder with Waukee Historical Society said.

The name reveal will be held at Waukee High School from 3-5 p.m. City planners say the project will be finished in late 2015.


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