MEETING POSTPONED: Secret Settlement Investigation Delayed

The legislative oversight committee didn’t get any further into an investigation concerning secret settlements Tuesday morning.

The committee met for a few minutes then moved to postpone the meeting.

Doug Woodley and Paul Carlson were expected to be back in the spotlight today after first being questioned on Monday.

The men were second in command to the former director of the Department of Administrative Services, Mike Carroll who was fired for seemingly lying to the oversight committee.

Today’s hearing is taking a back seat for two reasons.

“Neither one of the co-chairs at the time could know that one of the two witnesses was unavailable, in arbitration at this hour,” Rep. Kevin Koester explained. “Further, that the House would be in debate on three budget bills are critical we get over to our dear senators and so the business on the floor today prohibits the meeting that’s based on a calendar that was already in play but was not posted.”

The committee hopes to resume the meeting on Wednesday at around 11 a.m.

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