OPEN RECORDS: Senate Denies Carroll’s Request

Capitol Generic

An open records request made by the head of the Iowa Republican Party into confidential settlements to former state employees has been denied.

Danny Carroll made the request to the Government Oversight Committee and Monday Secretary of the Senate Michael Marshall replied with a denial.

Marshall said the Iowa General Assembly has the power to determine its own rules of proceedings and that “overrides any conflicting provisions of the open records statute.”

In Carroll’s formal request, he asked for emails to and from state senators Janet Peterson, Jack Hatch, and Matt McCoy that include the words “hush money,” “settlements,” and “campaign” among others.

Carrol says, “If these legislators have nothing to hide, I suggest they begin compiling the requested documents and immediately release them for the public to see.  Let’s level this playing field and have a full examination of the facts on all sides.”

In Marshall’s denial letter, he says the documents Carroll requested are not normally considered public documents and their release would have a detrimental effect on citizens’ willingness to petition their lawmakers.


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