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It’s a workout we’ve never seen before, combining TRX and yoga. It has a funky name, "TRX Floga” or “floating yoga”.

Trainer Irene McCormick explains the benefits, “There are a lot of exercises that are great for core stability and range of motion and all the good things you want without having to go to the ground.”

McCormick says that makes it great for a person with injuries or arthritis, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. “You do have to engage muscles. It’s not passive at all, it’s very active.”

The TRX injects a different element, helping you achieve poses you might not be able to in a traditional yoga class. It’s perfect for people who need a day off from intense training. “You’ll notice, even though we flowed through it you had to stabilize before you moved into the next posture, so you become so aware of where your body is in space, which is so important for so many things.”

Flexibility is important too, and most of us tend to skimp on stretching. “There are five components of fitness but people like to pick and choose the ones they like, they don’t want to do them all. Flexibility is largely neglected but it’s so important. If you want to create power in your muscles you have to have soft tissue extensibility.”

Whether you’re an older person who wants that power to do the daily activities you love, an athlete who needs it to get through an event or just a regular person looking to improve overall fitness, this funky hybrid may be just the thing for you.

And if you’re interested in the other four components of fitness, they are: muscle strength, muscle endurance, cardio, and body composition (diet).

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