WIFE MURDERED: Police Called To Home Three Times

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A Cambridge man is under arrest for killing his wife because, "it didn't work out."

Jeremy Cory is being held in the Story County Jail. Investigators say the 44-year-old shot the victim several times and she may have been dead since Friday.

Police aren't yet confirming the woman's identity, but online records show Corey owns the home with his wife, Valerie.

Police say the couple has a history of domestic problems but no violence.

"The police department has been called to the residence and made incident reports on three separate occasions and also three occasions while they lived at a residence here in Huxley," Huxley police chief Mark Pote said. "Most of those were reports made on verbal domestics."

But experts say often when police are called out on verbal domestic cases a lot more is going on behind closed doors.

"It is highly unlikely that by the time emotional abuse escalates to the level where the police are called, it is unlikely there hasn't been some altercation," Laurie Schipper with the Iowa Coalition against Domestic Violence said.

Neighbors say Cory was a nice guy and they never expected anything like this would ever happen in such a quiet community.

"Oh my God! It's across the street. Just didn't expect it,” neighbor, Amy Lemke said.


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