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INGERSOLL RESTORATION: Investments ‘Paying Off’

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The saying used to be "it's all on Ingersoll" and the team working to revive the street says it's working towards having it be a focal point again.

City planners along with the Restoration Ingersoll board say they've been putting money into the street for the last 12 years and the investment is finally paying off.

The group has spent $2.3 million on a 27 block area from 42nd to 15th streets and they say it was money well spent.

“There’s been interest in acquiring the land that`s available to put together projects that will be good for the future of the district,” Dave Nagel says.

Nagel adds that revamping Ingersoll has been a work in progress since the nineties. By improving new sidewalks, streetlights and transforming store fronts into a new urban streetscape.

Ingersoll Avenue is a main street that leads traffic into downtown from the west.

City planners say they are using that to their advantage to bring in new business, housing and restaurants like Eatery A, which opens next week.

Not all businesses on Ingersoll have adapted that urban store-front yet. However, planners say we can expect everything to have that look in the next five years.