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MONEY TRAIL: Federal Dollars Possibly Used

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Iowa lawmakers are following the money trail. Today, they learned it’s possible American taxpayers, not just Iowa taxpayers, footed the bill for the confidential settlements paid to former state workers.

“I had no knowledge of the settlements,” says Department of Administrative Services Chief Deputy Director Lon Anderson.

When asked where the money came from, another top DAS official couldn't rule out whether federal dollars were used.

“For one of these, there may be federal funds that were used in a settlement agreement?” asked State Rep. Pat Murphy, D- Dubuque.

“Potentially, yes sir,” says DAS Chief Operating Officer Doug Woodley.

Questions over the existence of a “Do Not Hire” list for fired state workers turned heated.

“We never kept a list, so the Director was not speaking falsely. We never kept a list. It's a code on a personnel file,” says Anderson.

“The art of using your words in a way that enables you to avoid the truth is a unique, is a unique art,” says State Sen. Matt McCoy, D- Des Moines.

“If you're calling Lon Anderson a liar, could you just say it a little plainer?” asked State Rep. Clel Baudler, R- Greenfield.

“I was referring to Director Carroll,” responded McCoy.

McCoy says some DAS officials are "dodging" their questions.

“We got a less than genuine answer when we asked about the do not rehire list,” he says.

The Oversight Committee is meeting again Thursday morning.

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