MORE LAYOFFS: Wells Fargo Cuts 30 Locally

Wells Fargo

wells fargo layoffsWells Fargo home mortgage is cutting dozens more jobs in the metro.

The company announced Wednesday 30 metro employees will be laid off, part of more than 300 layoffs nationwide.

Wells Fargo has cut more than 10,000 jobs nationwide since last July.

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  • DevilsAdvocate

    These comments are of my own opinion and not of any company.

    “Wells Fargo home mortgage is cutting dozens more jobs in the metro.”

    …and hundreds of open positions in the Metro Area alone. What a pot stirring article. Could you not have simply sent an email to Wells Fargo, or called a spokesperson and gathered some additional detail? With so much negitivism, why not post some facts and actually do some journalism. What positions are being eliminated, and why? What is being done to retain the individuals? Leaving these details out shines such a negitive light on one of the Metros largest employers.

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