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REUNITED: Adopted Teen Meets Birth Mother

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

URBANDALE, Ia. -- Last Sunday an Urbandale teen posted a photo on Facebook asking for information on her birth mother. This weekend they met for the first time.

Nineteen years ago Nicole Reinier left her daughter Hannah Stouffer a gift. “I thought they were beautiful and I wanted her to have a soft blanket,” said Nicole.

Growing up this blanket was as close as Hannah could get to her birth mother. “I was praying and praying and praying, ‘Please let me find my mom.’” said Hannah.

This blanket and a Facebook photo started it all. “I had to bite the bullet and email this stranger and I'm like, 'Do you know this girl?'” said Nicole.

When Nicole told Hannah about the blanket, Hannah knew. “Holy cow! It`s her!” said Hannah.

The only ones more surprised are Hannah`s siblings who didn't know their mother had a child when she was 15.

A shocking week full of moments Hannah's waited for her whole life. “I got to see where my face was from. I got to see where my pickiness is from. I got to know I have siblings.”

Ninteen years of wondering, Hannah’s mother now has some piece of mind. “Looking at her and seeing the kind of life that she has and how beautiful she is and her parents are wonderful, wonderful. I know that I made the right decision.”

This week Hannah got a tattoo on her back of the day her birth mother called. “Because Jesus found my birth mom on 4-16-14,” said Hannah.

It’s now a permanent reminder of something these women will never forget.


  • Sally

    Very brave ladies! The mother did what she felt was best for her child. Not an easy decision to make I’m sure.

    And before you people start judging her for getting pregnant as a teenager, remember, there was a sperm donor involved too. And, probably a lot of you lost your virginity before you were married, you just got lucky.

  • Amanda

    yI know thw birth mother personally. I was totally shocked to dind this out. Although no one who knows her except for certain people, I am happy for the both of them. It was going to come out one day and what a wonderful time for it. Congratulations Nicole and Hannah. May the two of you grow a strong relationship over the years to come.

  • Jennifer Oakley-James

    Sadly, most people don’t want to hear about the brainwashing, coercion, and drugging of young, unwed mothers nor the devastating effects of the Primal Wound that occurs when mother and baby are separated. “As opposed to seeing adoption as a beneficent action, it can instead be stated that its very presence marks the failure of a society to care for those in need.” – Daniel Ibn Zayd

  • Roganne LaPenna

    I am blessed that I was given up for adoption at birth. 35 yrs. later I found my birth family. Birth mother, father & sister, included are 4 half sisters. My life was completed. Every child should have the right to find their birth family after turning 18.

  • Franz von papen

    Why is this national news? Adopted people meet their birth parents all the time. Who effing cares.

    • susan

      it sounds as if you are lacking compasion for others. not everything is based on your feelings. i am sure if it were about you, you would want to share it on the news.

      • Jenell

        Susan I agree with you because some of the comment that the these people wrote are crazy. I ‘m so happy for Hannah wanting to no her birth mother.

  • Vanessa

    As someone who was adopted as a newborn baby, I find this article insulting. For starters, people meet their biological parents all the time. When I was 17 and met my birth parents, I also found out I had a biological half sibling. Yes, putting the “puzzle” together – finding other people who look like me – was a life changing experience, but it is something very personal for all involved (including the parents) and this article strikes me as someone taking a very personal experience and using it for attention seeking purposes. My heart especially goes out to this girl’s parents (most people would like to call them her adoptive parents, but as they are the people who raised her, they are HER “REAL” PARENTS). I can not imagine putting in so much effort to be a parent, spending so many years fulfilling that role, and then having your daughter of 19 years refer to the woman who carried her in the womb as “mom.” It takes a lot more than having a baby to be a mother. If this girl’s parents were so lousy that she feels it’s acceptable to discredit them on a public forum, then I’m sorry, but I can’t help but think about how her mother (the woman who raised her) must feel after reading this. I am eternally grateful for both my parents and, even though my birth mom is a wonderful woman, would never call anyone else “Mom”.

    • Kate

      I was adopted as an infant and found my biological parents and 2 full siblings when I was 19. I was very immature and the whole experience was very emotional for everyone involved. One of my biggest regrets in my life is the pain I caused my parents (the ones who raised me and loved me) those first couple years especially.
      While I completely understand the longing this girl experienced wanting to find her birth mother, she is missing the point completely. Her parents are probably hurting – her mom feeling rejected. I know my mom felt that way by my actions.
      This woman gave birth to this girl but could not care for her. It was probably the hardest thing she’d ever done, making an adoption plan for her child, but she is not this girl’s mom, the woman who has been raising her is.

  • Carli

    I think this is a wonderful story. People deal with life events individually. Just because one person would’ve handled it privately this woman sought a public mission to find her mother quicker.

    As for parents who feel jealous and left out when a child goes searching for a bio parent, what did they expect? The majority of adopted children go searching for their roots eventually. It’s a given. Parents should not harbor any ill will or hurt. Put yourself in those children’s shoes. They want to see the person who looks like them.

    I have a friend who adopted a baby who is now 25. She has encouraged him to find his birth family. She says she has no jealousy about it because that’s his right to find his bio family. It doesn’t diminish the role of the parents who raised him at all.

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