TRAIN DEATH: Teen Dies Boarding Moving Train

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A teenager was killed trying to jump onto a moving train in Des Moines.

It happened around 1:15 AM at the train crossing in the 2000 block of Des Moines Street. Police say a man in his late teens was waiting to cross the tracks with some friends. When he tried to board the slow-moving train to get to the other side, he fell.

Witnesses say the victim became trapped underneath and was dragged down the tracks.

Des Moines Police are waiting to release the teenage victim's name until his family is notified.


  • Hilary

    Who do we contact to nominate this person post-mortum for a Darwin award? This gene pool was not meant to be replicated.

  • Mike Cee

    For what possible reason was a group of teenagers out at 1:15 AM? It’s clear that the parents (or most likely the single parent is this case) aren’t responsible enough to even have kids.

    • Ariana Mcmains

      Okay first of all I knew this teenager and he was 19 therefore it had nothing to do with his parents regardless he’s dead now I’d appreciate it if you didn’t bad mouth the deceased. Thanks.

      • sad, sad, sad!

        So sorry for your loss, Ariana! And, I am sorry that you have to see these inconsiderate blogs! The people making these horrible comments about your friends are the dregs of society and have to make themselves feel better about their failures somehow, even it means attacking a deceased person the know nothing about.

  • Get off your high horse.

    Really, Mike, Saturday night (I assume since the story was posted on Sunday) and you think all the little kiddies need to be home in bed at 10 pm?

    Oh, and generalize much?!?! A lot of single parents are incredible parents. Imagine trying to do it all on your own. Trying to be both mom and dad to a child.

    Oh, and Hilary, what a B*&*tch you are! Someone lost their child and you think it is a joke! Hopefully you have removed yourself from the gene pool as compassion is also a desired trait.

    Someone’s child is dead. Have a little respect.

  • Lots of jerks on this website

    Well, I had started to think that our society was going to H*ll in a hand basket. After reading many of the comments left on this website, particularly those from William Denison and MIke Cee (and BILL and Hilary above), I am convinced we are. I don’t know what it is about, but, it certainly seems to attract the dregs of the earth.

    Hopefully you are not the majority, just the ones who seem to think you are witty (you are not) and people care what you say (they shouldn’t)

    • Sam

      Get off your high horse.

      Have I done dumb things in life? Sure. But nothing as stupid as trying to jump between train cars while the train is moving.

      If you were mentally retarded, I would cut you some slack. Otherwise…….agree with Darwin Award.

      • Lots of jerks on this website

        so…’s ok if people die doing something YOU wouldn’t have done?
        There are still parents out there that lost a child.
        There are still other young people out there who watch a friend die horribly.
        You never drove drunk? That would be just as stupid. You never drag raced? again, just as stupid.

  • Ariana Mcmains

    I knew this teen and seeing some of these comments make me sick. Some of you are horrible people. I lost a friend, and some of you are making jokes about it. Go complain about your pathetic life on Facebook instead of joking around about the death of a good kid. I’m sure every one of you had done something stupid. Actually I know you have because you guys aren’t right in the head.

  • RoccoB

    This guy was 19 years old?
    Hardly a toddler who wandered off unsupervised.
    19 is a ripe old age to know better.

    • RoccoB

      Let me guess….he was an aspiring rapper….gett’in his GED…..sang in the church choir…took care of his keeds…and was a mentor.

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