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CULTIVATION CORRIDOR: Campaign Brands Central Iowa

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State political and economic leaders hope a new brand means new opportunities for central Iowa.

The new campaign aims to convince people there’s no better place to live and work to find ways to better feed the world.

“The whole here is never been greater through the sum of its parts. We have never spoken with one voice,” Iowa State University president Steven Leath said.

That one voice will now be called the “Cultivation Corridor.” It describes the 50-mile stretch encompassing Des Moines and Ames. It highlights companies and Iowa State’s research facilities.

Supporters of the $1.5-million project hope the focus presents an image that the corridor is the place for agriculture’s future.

“This cultivation corridor is about the biosciences that is cutting edge. It is about feeding the world which is pretty significant from a moral standpoint. It is about changing climates and how we’re going to adjust agriculture to that change. That’s pretty exciting stuff and it’s cutting edge stuff,” U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said.

Vilsack believes the campaign could be especially helpful in putting more focus in creating opportunities in rural areas.