DONE LOOKING: Governor Not Searching For Mastermind

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Iowans still don't know whose idea it was to give two dozen dismissed state workers confidential settlements. They still don't know if there was one mastermind.

Apparently, Governor Terry Branstad isn't trying to find that out either.

Asked Monday if his administration was doing more fact-finding or investigating into the settlements, the governor responded, "Well, what I asked was that my staff would find out whatever secret, or whatever confidential agreements there were and we did that. And then I also asked them to prepare an executive order to prevent this from happening in the future. So we've taken action."

A spokesman confirmed later the governor wants the Senate to focus on the future by passing a House bill to ban the use of future settlements.

Democrats instead are focusing much of their time looking at the past.

Tuesday, lawmakers will hold another legislative oversight hearing as they try to determine the person or people behind the efforts to expand the use of confidential settlements for state workers, as well as offering some workers additional money to remain silent about the terms of their departure.


  • Jeanne

    Of course he isn’t searching why should he when it is him. He started this whole ball rolling almost 4 years ago when he came back into office and appointed his hatchet directors with one directive. He wants to take as many state jobs and turn them into at will or non contract positions to break the union so he can put the knife in our back and turn. It is so amazing how disruptive each and every agency becomes when he is in office. He will do anything and sacrfice anyone to get what will benefit him. I have busted my ass for 35 years serving the people of this state and gone above and beyond what has been asked of me because I cared for those that needed my assistance. He is a total embarassment and it is so humiliating to hear him sprew his condecending comments about the very people that get up every day and go into work to serve the citizens of this state. Terry, you make me sick. You have alot of nerve call us liars when just about everything out of your mouth is a lie. You are a pathetic example of a human being!

  • Willilam Denison

    Now we know why it was so easy for Eric Branstad to get away with two counts of vehicular manslaughter

  • John

    The legislature has a constitutionally imposed task to accurately and completely account for all public monies at the time they publish laws (ART III ยง18) so they are doing their job. YOUR job Terry is to open the books (IaCode 70.8) at all times, not just when your staff has figured out which version of the truth the agency is going to say…

    Of course you want everyone to look the other way, it makes it easier for you to be the mastermind if nobody can see your lips move.

  • JPenny

    So Terry doesn’t want to investigate where these directives came from. That sure doesn’t come as any surprise. Of course he doesn’t want anyone else to know what he already knows about this mess. The hole you’re digging is getting deeper Terry.

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