IOWANS RUN: Boston Marathon ‘Gave Me Goose Bumps’

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After bombings marred the 2013 Boston Marathon, 9,000 extra runners 36,000 runners took part this year.

drewryAmong the 36,000 runners were dozens of Iowans including former WHO photographer Adam Drewry.

This was his second Boston marathon.

After running in 2010 he said he didn’t think he would ever run again. But after last year’s bombing he was determined to return to Boston and run one last time.

He says he’s never seen a police presence before like he did during today’s race. Every step he took he knew he was being watched by police, the National Guard and surveillance cameras.

He says he stopped along the way to thank the officers who were looking out for runners and the crowd.

Drewry says the turnout and support along the 26-mile route was awe-inspiring.

“I don’t think there is a word to describe it. It gave me goose bumps to run and all the people cheering on it felt like every single person there had a Boston Strong t-shirt on. A lot of people had signs that said ‘you’re my hero’ and stuff like that,” Drewry said.

“There’s not another marathon like that in the world.”

Adam, a Jefferson native, finished the race in five hours and 13 minutes.