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NEW NAME: Alice’s Road Change Considered

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The name Alice’s Road isn’t disappearing from Waukee, at least not completely.

Waukee officials want a new name for the road when a new town center development opens along it.

At Monday’s city council meeting, Waukee city administrator Tim Moerman recommended changing the name to Grand Prairie Parkway.

However a portion of the road north of Hickman would still be called Alice’s Road.

It was named for Alice Nizzi whose restaurant Spaghetti Land once stood in the area.

The council will vote on the re-naming plan on May 5th.


  • guest

    Really, Grand Prairie Parkway is the best they could come up with? In that case, why not Bland Boulevard? Whitewashed Way? Or maybe Suburban Sprawl Street?

  • JPenny

    I like the sound of Alice’s Road much better. The name honored a real person and should be left alone. Grand Prairie Parkway? Really?

  • Jimbo62

    Big mistake. This name is a pompous, self serving, corporate mouthful which can never replace the iconic Alice’s Road. Oh, and by the way, no one will ever use the full name. It will end up being called Grand or Prairie or Park — street names already used in the metro area.

  • do ur job

    The GPP? Sounds like something contrived by someone driving on HWY 6 in their SUV attached to their cellphone and can’t find their accelerator.

  • Dawn W.

    totally agree with everyone here, and I don’t even live in Waukee, but Alice’s Road is a much better name to have, unique to the city and has a history.

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