BALDI TRIAL: Paul Gray’s Widow Testifies

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The trial of Des Moines pain doctor Daniel Baldi continued Tuesday with testimony about one of his most famous patients.

Brenna Gray, the wife of multi-platinum musician Paul Gray took the stand Tuesday.

“All I observed was there was a needle in his foot,” Brenna said. She discovered her husband’s body at an Urbandale hotel in May of 2010.

The state medical examiner ruled the Slipknot bassist died of an accidental overdose caused by the drugs fentanyl and morphine.

Urbandale detective, Sgt. Daniel Stein investigated Gray’s death and told the jury about the hotel room he found him in. Stein testified authorities collected several pills bottles, drug paraphernalia such as a spoon, and a bag of needles.

The defense says although Gray was a patient of Dr. Baldi’s the only prescription he provided to Gray was one that helps someone get off an addiction.

Stein testified he found alprazolam and other drugs at the scene and they hadn’t been prescribed by Dr. Baldi.

Dr. Baldi is charged with nine counts of manslaughter accused of overprescribing medication to patients who later died.

The trial will resume Wednesday.


  • Coffee Pot

    The prosecutor needs fired, McDonalds needs a parking lot sweeper. Misconduct in office, Malicious prosecution. Somehow they need to waive the immunity for this guy.

  • Sally

    Witch hunt. So far it doesn’t sound like Dr. Baldi is responsible for any of these people’s deaths. Most of the deaths weren’t even related to the medication he had prescribed.

  • Eric

    This is all BS. Malicious prosecution buy our government. It is absolutely shameful.

    This hints at a much larger problem in society, a lack of personal responsibility.

  • Amy

    This entire trial is a joke. Most of these deaths weren’t at all related to anything he prescribed. I pity this man. His life and his practice have been ruined by these individuals who are probably after law suit money.

  • Sue

    Two thoughts come to mind:

    1. These prosecuting lawyers should be reprimanded/sued for malicious prosecution.

    2. Nothing says white trash like full sleeve tattoos.

    • Sally

      I noticed the tattoos also. Don’t mean to stereotype, I realize he was a ‘rocker’ and that was the persona.

      You would have thought, though, she would want to look a little more ‘mainstream’ considering she is at the trial of the man being accused of killing her husband.

      People judge you by the way you look and act. she is covered in tats, wearing a wife beater shirt, and all slouched down in her chair. Doesn’t look like the whole situation is very important to her.

  • Christian

    Troy Hendrickson is right, if you drink too much you may die, same with drugs, if you overdose your probably going to die. So anyone that knows what they are talking about knows that Dr. Baldi is NOT GUILTY. He did not tell them to go home and overdose on pain killers, they did it to themselves, I don’t care if they are famous or not they still made that decision.

  • Melissa

    I see that all of Baldi’s drug recipients have rallied around his cause on this comment board. Nobody loves a dealer more than a druggie. Baldi’s attorney is lying through his teeth just like he did in the Rubashkin case. How did that turn out for him? Oh that’s right he got 27 years!!!! Tell your idol to take the stand if he’s innocent. Everybody knows that if you can’t take the stand your guilty as hell!

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