GUN RIGHTS: Congressional Candidate Receiving Threats

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An Iowa congressional candidate says she is receiving threats after her personal information was posted online.

State Representative Anesa Kajtazovic is running for Congress in Iowa’s First Congressional District. Last week her address and cell phone number showed up online. It was posted on the Facebook page of the group, Iowa Gun Owners.

The group encouraged people to contact Kajtazovic to ask about her stance on the Second Amendment.

Organizers say they posted the information after Kajtazovic repeatedly refused to take part in a survey on gun rights.

“I have a public record of where I stand on these issues. They know that,” Kajtazovic told KWWL. “I support the Second Amendment rights, but I also support sensible gun legislation to reduce gun violence.”

Aaron Dorr from the group, Iowa Gun Owners, disagrees.

“The real issue here is that this is a typical bait and switch tactic being given by a candidate who had not been revealed across the state as being very, I wouldn’t say hostile, but certainly very confusing on her stance on the Second Amendment,” Dorr said.

Kajtazovic wouldn’t say what types of threats she has faced.


  • Harry Moyer

    Bunch of internet c0wards. Like them trait0rs down in Texas that don’t recognize the Fed govmint, all the while they display the US flag. (Complete mor0ns…) And who puts their women and children in front of what could have been a terrible outcome? Do they think that’s how the real cowboys did it back in the day??? Does anyone realize that putting your women and children in the front ranks is what Al Qaeda does… that’s what the Taliban does.
    I’m a Vet. I’ve never needed a firearm since that time. I’m well equipped to take care of myself. I used to be a member of the NRA; back when it’s mission was for the betterment of all that choose to have firearms. THAT changed long ago when they turned into the lobbying arm of corporate firearms manufacturers.
    So most rabid 2nd amenders are either f00ls for being a tool that believes anything coming out the NRA con men; or a c0ward wannabe Barney Fife that needs something of substance to hold onto.

  • Coffee Pot

    I support the 2nd Amendment, as long as we can get rid of all guns and throw the rest of the kindergarten kids that draw guns on paper banned from schools or in jail. Democrats crack me up. Lets outlaw cigarettes but legalize pot. Lets support border control as long as we get bigger busses to haul illegals up from the border. More unemployment helps the economy. The list is endless.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      I don’t know, I’ve encountered a few genuine lunatics on Dorrs group after signing a couple of petitions that I can only describe as terrorists since they talk about taking back the country in the name of some God.

      And I also get a kick out of all the republicans whining about cannabis like it’s heroin, and then refuse to even say anything negative about the most dangerous drug in this country, good ol booze.

      Partisan hypocrisy is a disease this country is dying from.

      For every looney dem, there’s a looney repub.

  • RoccoB

    Another democrat gun grabber who’s first in line to yell out: ” Oh yeah…I’m all for the 2nd amendment!!!” during campaign time. What a joke.

    Tell your sheeple what they want to hear but you’ll easily vote YES to any and all useless gun laws like any good democrat minion.

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