GUN RIGHTS: Congressional Candidate Receiving Threats


An Iowa congressional candidate says she is receiving threats after her personal information was posted online.

State Representative Anesa Kajtazovic is running for Congress in Iowa’s First Congressional District. Last week her address and cell phone number showed up online. It was posted on the Facebook page of the group, Iowa Gun Owners.

The group encouraged people to contact Kajtazovic to ask about her stance on the Second Amendment.

Organizers say they posted the information after Kajtazovic repeatedly refused to take part in a survey on gun rights.

“I have a public record of where I stand on these issues. They know that,” Kajtazovic told KWWL. “I support the Second Amendment rights, but I also support sensible gun legislation to reduce gun violence.”

Aaron Dorr from the group, Iowa Gun Owners, disagrees.

“The real issue here is that this is a typical bait and switch tactic being given by a candidate who had not been revealed across the state as being very, I wouldn’t say hostile, but certainly very confusing on her stance on the Second Amendment,” Dorr said.

Kajtazovic wouldn’t say what types of threats she has faced.


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