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Ames police need help in identifying people for their alleged roles in the VEISHEA vandalism earlier this month in Ames.

On April 8th a mob scene broke out in Campustown, as a crowd of hundreds gathered. Cars were flipped over, light poles and street signs torn down, and one person was seriously injured.

Police need help in finding the people circled in the picture.


Authorities say they would like to talk to these men about their involvement in the disturbance.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

So far ten people have been arrested in the case.


      • RoccoB

        What I am saying is that you might as well suspend , arrest, kick out EVERYONE there. Just being there watching nearby as many were constitutes being “involved.”

  • ljludwig

    those kids could look like 100 others. Anyone with a vendetta could say it was a certain person (when it was not). Sorry, but I am against the
    “he said” “she said” way to arrest people. The police needed to arrest
    them on the spot that night.

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