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ACCIDENTAL SHOOTING: Child’s Name Released

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The name of a four-year-old girl who was killed Monday in an apparent accidental shooting has been released.

Officials say Lillium Mead died from a gunshot wound to the chest. It happened at an apartment complex at 2746 Fleur Drive Monday night just after 7:00 p.m.

Police say Lillium was home with her parents, Adam and Sheila Mead, and two younger siblings when the shooting happened.

The circumstances of the shooting have not been released but police say it appears to be an accident.

Police interviewed the parents Monday night. No charges have been filed yet in the case.


  • Scrappie

    As far as Im concerned they do need held liable yes it’s a tragedy for the family and I feel for them on that level. But I just heard about a Teen boy being arrested for his baby dying when he left it unattended to. Kinda similar dint you think. The 4 yr old was left alone with a gun. Oh wait numerous. I’m praying for the family in this time of need. But it could have been prevented.

    • RoccoB

      So break up the family is your answer?
      Toss the parents in jail?
      Send the other kids into the netherworld of foster parenting?

      The parents are burying a child and will carry with them this stigma the rest of their lives. This goes without saying they messed up but hardly warrants the “death penalty” here.
      Leave it alone I say.

  • Dawn

    The whole thing is ridiculous! What was a loaded gun doing in the house where a toddler could get it? What were the parents doing (probably something illegal) that they didn’t notice their BABY pick up the gun? I think the parents deserve to be prosecuted and made an example of. Perhaps their other children will be safer in foster care???

    • nicole

      That’s a pretty big accusation that you are making. I’m a neighbor and I was home when it happened. I know these people and I would say that the chances that they were doing something illegal is unlikely. They love their kids. This was incredibly irresponsible on their part and it should be common sense to lock up your guns, but it’s ridiculous to insinuate that other things were going on when you have no idea what your talking about.

  • Rachel

    Its a tragic however this would not have happened if the parents would have put the safty of that baby first!! Its an apartment where were the parents when this child was playing with a gun??? Honestly why would that gun have been in reach of that little girl?? People need to get a clue!! Yes they need to be charged and I am standing strong on that OPINION!

  • nicole

    Also, the parents were both in the apartment at the time. People who keep saying where were the parents: have you never gone to the kitchen or bathroom while your children play? I’m an incredibly over protective mother and I occasionally am not right at my child’s side. Does that make me a bad parent? Again, I’m not defending them. it was incredibly stupid, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should be condemning them. Losing a child at your own fault is a pretty hefty punishment on its own.

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