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AMES ARRESTS: Police Conduct Prostitution Sting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Four people have been arrested in a prostitution sting in Ames.

Authorities say 20-year-old Mohammed Aldhaheri, 56-year-old David Merritt, 32-year-old Jason Prouty, and 24-year-old Hua Huang are all facing charges. Aldhaheri, Merritt, and Huang are from Ames and Prouty is from Ogden.

After a month of preparation, the police posted ads online soliciting sex. An undercover officer met with those who replied at an agreed upon location.

The four men are all charged with prostitution.

Ames officials say they didn’t find any instances of human trafficking this time but authorities think the city is vulnerable because major highways go through the area.

Police say they will likely conduct more undercover events like this in the future.


  • Ames City Hookers Unite

    What is this, a joke? How lame can Ames city admin get, for wasting taxes and time of our finest on entrapping idiots. Colorado is stupid enough to legalize weed, and Ames has a hooker problem? Please name the Ames City admin who authorized this entrapment.

    • HatersGonnaHate

      They spent months preparing for this? How does posting ads featuring adult escorts have anything to do with human trafficking? Don’t they already know that there are horny guys who will pay to have intercourse with a hot blonde?

      Ames police needs to just be honest and admit they did these stings to raise money for the city from the fines they collect from the 4 johns, and to get at federal grant money. Human trafficking is just another version of the “protect the children” excuse to go after citizens private lives.

  • Ruth Buckels

    Way to go Ames police!!! Thank you for valuing the women, boys and girls that are exploited by arresting the johns that use them. Keep up the good work!!!!!

    • huh?

      a 56 year old college student. Could be I guess, but, I don’t see where that even matters. they were breaking the law.

      • Jim Zupan

        It’s the oldest profession in the world, and a total waste of tax dollars. They saved no one, and they stopped nothing, they just foolishly spent your tax dollars

  • RoccoB

    All of this for some misdemeanor charges?
    Wow…..City Of Ames will get to reel in a total of $872 in fines over this caper!

    • huh?

      so….we only enforce the laws if there is enough money in it for the city? Gee, my last speeding ticket only cost me $70, hardly seems worth the time, right?

      You’ll never end prostitution, it’s the oldest profession in the book. but, it is not a victimless crime….We need to at least try to keep it under control.

      maybe arresting these four will make some others think twice before looking for a prostitute.

  • chris

    If I read the article correctly, the men were the prostitutes, not johns. The police posted ads looking to pay for sex and these men responded.

  • Paula

    Kudos to Channel 13 for running a story and not presenting all the facts. Way to run good people’s names through the mud and cause undue speculation and pain to family and friends. Note that no other network decided this was note worthy. Only Channel 13 would run with half the details. That is why I am not a follower of your news. Maybe your next story will be a retraction and apology for the unnecessary stress placed on innocent people. Innocent until proven guilty.

  • The end is near

    Men who are married using the family money to buy unfaithful acts deserves to get caught. Media going public would be a definite open door to get out of the marriage rather than forgiving would be done easy if swept under the rug. I feel bad for any wife’s and what they will endure.
    Possibly 2 could be what(?) of alien status and facing deportation????

  • Central Iowa Hookers Local 370

    We feel sorry for the police who were forced to setup this entrapment and the losers who were entrapped. The real injustice was committed by those in city management who came up with this unlawful idea. Who are they? If they are so proud about this joke, tell us your names. You are pathetic that you haven’t got work to do that’s more important than this BS. If I was your manager, you’d be looking for a new job. To think you call yourselves Iowans.

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