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BALDI TRIAL: Treatment ‘Reckless’ And ‘Extreme’

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The manslaughter trial of a Des Moines doctor continued Wednesday with testimony saying Doctor Daniel Baldi was ‘reckless.’

The prosecution called Dr. Stephen Wagner to the stand who was hired by the prosecution to review the medical records of the nine patients who died.

The Minnesota pain-relief physician testified Baldi was “reckless” and “extreme” in his treatment of patients who showed clear signs of addiction to pain pills.

However, when cross-examined by the defense, Dr. Wagner admitted that most of the patients either had no drugs prescribed by Baldi in their system when they died or had additional drugs not provided by Baldi.

The trial continues Thursday morning.


  • Witch Hunt

    Even the prosecution’s witness is forced to acknowledge that these people were using OTHER drugs then the ones Dr. Baldi prescribed. Even if he did prescribe pain medication more liberally than some doctors would have, he has my utmost sympathy. His reputation is being drug through the mud because our society always need to have someone to blame…aside from the responsible party!

    The patients knew they were going to multiple doctors to increase their prescriptions. The patients knew they were taking more than just what Dr. Baldi gave them. Or taking more than he told them to. Dr. Baldi didn’t know that, it is not his place to babysit his patients 24/7.

    No, I do not know this man or any of the victims. I am just sick of the ‘it’s not MY fault’ mentality!

    • Arnold

      If he’s so innocent why doesn’t he take the stand genius. Because then his attorney can’t lie for him anymore and the real truth will come out!

  • Melissa

    Cook is a doing a great job of smoke and mirrors here and the judge is eating it hook line and sinker.

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