EXTREME HEAT: Area Cooling Centers

BOIL ORDER: Empty Shelves As Madrid Residents Stock Up On Water

empy shelf

It’s another night under a boil advisory for thousands of residents in and around Madrid.

On Tuesday, the DNR issued the advisory for the area after water tests showed four-times the allowable level of turbidity.

The city says it is changing filters at its water facility to correct the issue but it could take up to a week to do so.

In the meantime residents are on a water rush at the local grocery store.

Sheila Anderson works for the local grocery store, Market of Madrid, and in the local school lunchroom. She says she won’t look at a water faucet the same again.

“We had to boil water for our sanitary water and washing our hands was a little different too,” Anderson said. “Our water is taken for granted,”

The Market hopes to have more water delivered tomorrow.

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  • William Denison

    Little girl: Mommy why does my water taste like hog waste?
    Mother : Shut up and drink your hog s#!T.

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