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CANNABIS OIL: Senate Committee Approves Bill

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Iowa lawmakers are moving closer to approving a narrowly tailored bill that would legalize medical cannabis oil.

A Senate committee approved the bill on Wednesday.

The oil can be used to treat children who suffer from seizures.

Supporters say the bill offers a new form of treatment for kids without the risk of abuse by others.

“A low THC form of cannabis that would provide, has provided, is providing benefits to these kids with uncontrolled seizures so that’s really the focus. It’s not something you can smoke, it’s not something that people will get high on,” State Sen. Joe Bolkcom said.

The bill could come up for debate as soon as Thursday in the Senate.

Governor Branstad has said he would consider supporting this narrow bill.


  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    So residents of a state should have to pay thousands of dollars a year to travel + the CBD oil, traveling to a state to obtain it and pay $$$$$$ out the ass for it. (people it isn’t cheap). Anyone else see this as a problem? If you are poor and have a child with such a condition and are low income AND CAN’T AFFORD TO TRAVEL your kid does not get the medicine.. Unless the State if Iowa us to pay all costs for RESEARCH THEN why the flying F don’t they produce it and research it there. …….Lawmakers SMH

    • Mike Cee

      If a person is poor they should not have had children in the first place. It’s too bad that some feel the need to give irresponsible people a free pass and special privileges.

      As a side note, you might garner a bit more respect for your opinion if you’d actually learn spelling and grammar. But then, as a self professed dope advocate that concept may be beyond your mental grasp.

      • William Denison

        Mike your facebook tells me:
        Your like Mr. born again church guy,your love WWE and Nascar and you was kinda upset when they quit making Twinkies. So I did the math and found that you are a freak.

      • wow...jerk....

        Lower income, or poor, people can be just as good of parents as rich people. Sometimes they are better parents. They can’t just pay someone else to take care of little Bobby so they spend time with them and are there for them.
        AND…sometimes a person’s life situation changes. Maybe when they had kids, they were making a decent living…then…one of the children got sick…one of the parents had to quit work…medical bills piled up.

        Judging from your posts, you are a real arrogant jerk.

    • M

      You’re arguing a point that is mute because all patients of states that allow for medical marijuana have to travel and pay top dollar for their medicine. Sure we all would LOVE for the medicine to be insured, or some other way for the cost of the medicine to be covered, but paying top dollar for medicine that could save a childs’ life, or give them a possibility of living in reality (because they don’t suffer from constant seizures) is totally worth it. It’s better this way, than to not have it as an option.

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    RECIPROCITY. The bill provides that a cannabidiol
    registration card, or its equivalent, that is issued under
    the laws of another state, district, territory, or possession
    of the United States that allows a patient to possess or use
    cannabidiol for only intractable epilepsy in the jurisdiction
    of issuance has the same force and effect when held by the
    patient while in this state as a cannabidiol registration card
    issued by the department of transportation.…/all%20other/SSB3222.html

    one state I know allows this, Oregon. I guess we will see when the first drop of oil arrives in Iowa…. legally.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    A meaningless bill that offers help to few as a very last resort, all so a bunch of hypocrites can pat themselves on the back.

    Any politician stupid enough to knock on my door is going to regret it personally.

    • William Denison

      Iowa has always had the proplem of having alot dullards making laws in this state. These very people make Iowa the fly over state it is today. Hillbillies just don’t get it.

    • William Denison

      During the last election a republican scum knocked on my door even though I have a “No solicitation” sticker on my door. I was just getting ready to lay into to this guy when I seen the coward had his little 5 year daughter with him. I look back at that and now think he was just useing his kid as a prop and maybe even a shield. His kid saved him a hugh backside chewing and getting his feelings hurt. I’m ready again this year when they come knockin.

  • maryrose

    Today, 2.3 Million Americans live with epilepsy with more than 1 million of them experiencing uncontrolled seizures. CBDs (Cannabidiol) which are non-psychoactive have been proven to help reduce the frequency of these seizures.

    Gevitta is working hard creating a legal CBD spray that is derived from HEMP. We are starting with a crowdfunding campaign set to launch shortly in order to raise the money needed for production as well as further studies on the effectiveness of CBDs on other diseases.

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  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    Some lawmakers have suggested Colorado, and parents said Wednesday they may have to go to Oregon, Michigan or elsewhere.”…t

    here is no MAY….you will…as for the lawmakers that have suggested Colorado….OH THOSE ARE THE SAME lawmakers, the medical terrorists who were always against any marijuana law reform in Iowa.

    St. Elswhere?

    • Kamandak

      I can appreciate that the Iowa legislature is trying to do SOMETHING, but it really bothers me that they will not produce or sell this oil in Iowa. Since none of the states bordering Iowa have medical marijuana – this bill ENCOURAGES interstate drug trafficking. These Iowa laws will not help you if you’re stopped in Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota or Ill. if you are stopped there.

  • William Denison

    The passage of this law is merely baby steps to allow some kids to maybe take baby steps. As for the rest of we the people who’s lives could be changed for the better by the use of med cannabis our day nears.

  • William Denison

    I found this from a local city news paper. I removed the names and address the men.

    , made an initial appearance on a possession of drug paraphernalia charge. He pleaded guilty and was fined $65 with a $125 law enforcement initiative surcharge, a 22.75 surcharge, a $10 DARE surcharge and $60 in court costs for a total of $282.75, due within 30 days of today’s date.

    , made an initial appearance on a public intoxication charge. He pleaded guilty and was fined $65 with a $22.75 surcharge and $60 in court costs for a total of $147.75, due within 30 days of today’s date.

    One can be falling down drunk and yet not be fined as high as a guy with just a pipe. Only in Iowa

  • Paul Pot

    Raw hash oil is best.
    CBD is only half the story.
    When cannabis is raw there is no THC only non-pschoactive THCA which has important medicinal properties.

  • Anita Gozukara

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