FREE DRESSES: Girls Say ‘Yes To The Prom’

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Thirty Roosevelt High School girls began preparations for prom without dishing out any of the cash.

A “Say Yes to the Prom” event was held in Johnston Wednesday. It’s a spin-off from the TLC show “Say Yes to the Dress.”

The girls got to choose from 500 dresses donated by TLC, Discovery and Mediacom.

The girls also got their hair and makeup done and got to pick out shoes and accessories.

There was even a seamstress to make sure the dresses fit just right.

“The concept was to build confidence and empowerment for girls and the selection of a dress for prom is a big deal,” explained Adria Alpert-Romm with Discovery. “When maybe you can’t afford that special night, this is an opportunity for women across the country to say ‘we can help you.’”

After the girls were all dressed to the nines they walked down the catwalk for a runway show.


  • Troy Hendrickson

    I have a better idea, stop turning school functions into games of wealth and social one upmanship. All this does is reinforce that the shallow and material are important.

    • Ok....

      Great idea, how exactly are you going to stop that?
      Do you ban the rich kids from the prom? Who decides what denotes ‘rich’?

      • Ariana Ferguson

        I was one of the 30 girls who got accepted to do it….. it was one of the best moments of my life I had alot of fun. Money had Nothing to do with it to decide who got choose.

  • McKaylia

    I was a stylist for the girl in the picture and she had to work hard at school to get this wonderful opportunity to be on say yes to prom. These girls had to go to school and keep their grades up. If you don’t know the fax’s please don’t make people feel bad these girls were chosen.

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