KIDS CONFESS: Cemetery Headstones Toppled

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Police in eastern Iowa say kids have confessed to knocking over headstones at a local cemetery.

About 60 headstones at a cemetery in Central City were toppled over or torn out earlier this month. Many of the headstones are engraved with death dates from the mid-1800s.

Deputies say three children, ages six and seven, confessed to the vandalism.

The county sheriff’s office said the cemetery’s board of trustees is working with the parents of the children, and no charges will be filed

The vandalism caused an estimated $3,000 in damage.


  • Sally

    But the kids will do the work to fix things and will pay for the damages, right??
    Never have understood vandalism.

  • Berte Tamel

    Aw, geeze, Troy, do you really need to politicize the incident? Yes, native Americans hold their sacred lands dear, understood. But that really has nothing to do with kids toppling gravestones.

  • Dawn W.

    hope the kids and families have to pay for the repairs and help physically if that opportunity is there. And maybe consider having those kids taken from those families… 6 and 7? where were the parents?!!

  • John

    Berte calm down Troy is a troll. He posts this stuff to get a rise out of someone. My guess is Troy does not live in Iowa he was just assigned this site by his troll guardians.

  • John

    Troll I mean Troy are you saying only native americans hold their burial grounds sacred and the rest of us do not. your comment is ignorant and inflaming.

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