MOBILE MENU: Knowing What’s For Lunch

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Lunch has changed since many of us were in school. Students used to have to print off the menu and put it on the refrigerator. Now, they have a new way of knowing what's for lunch.

Director of Food Nutrition Services at Southeast Polk High School Kathy Nervig says, "We thought: how do parents get information these days. That's what they may turn to, so we have that now available to them."

The Southeast Polk Community School District launched a smartphone app a few weeks ago. The district pays about $100 a month for a company called Nutrislice to manage the mobile menu. Parents and students can download it for free. Every building's menu is available on the mobile application.

Nervig says while showing the app, "Barbeque pork. It has a picture, description and there are the nutrition facts."

The app lists calories, carbs, protein and sodium content. Freshman Kylie Naeve says, "I like the amount of calories and carbs that come with it. That way, if you're worried about calories you know what to get that day."

The app also lets students rate the food so they can give up to five stars, depending how they liked what they ate. Nervig says, "I will use that information as the menu planner to decide what stays and what goes."

Staff members still need to add information for some sides and breakfast items. More than 5,000 people have checked out the app so far. Freshman Austin Roberts says, "It's really easy and convenient. If you don't like what they have, then you can just bring whatever you want from home."

Click here to find SEP's mobile menu.

The Bettendorf School District also uses the Nutrislice app. Other companies offer similar services.

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  • A school district with NO FINANCIAL CONCERNS

    the school had no other use for roughly $1000 a year. Our menu is on the school’s website for parents. It is also posted in the school buildings for those who do not have access to the internet. I’m going to guess those are the same people who don’t have smartphones.

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