SEMI CRASH: PETA Seeks 10ft Turkey Memorial

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Animal rights group PETA is asking the state for permission to build a memorial to the hundreds of victims of a semi accident.

Last week a semi hauling turkeys to a Sioux City plant overturned. All 500 birds were killed.

PETA is now asking the DOT for permission to erect a 10-foot tall memorial to the birds.


“This tribute will remind commuters that the best way to prevent tragedies such as this one is to go vegan, because turkeys shouldn’t have to make terrifying trips to slaughterhouses at all,” wrote Alex Moore said in a letter to Iowa DOT.

The memorial also urges drivers to go vegan.


  • Sarah Schminke

    Hello; Possibly a better alternative might be; have each member of PETA take a turn at standing alongside the road where the tragedy occurred, holding a sign with the relevant information for all to view. This will add a bit of personalization to the memorial.THIS IS A JOKE, RIGHT? WE ARE BEING PUNKED….OH PLEASEEEE TELL ME WE ARE BEING PUNKED…..This just cannot be a real proposal……

  • Logic

    Seems legit….

    Right up until a bus full of students crashes into a ten foot tall turkey memorial while trying to avoid a distracted semi driver hauling a load of veggies to market to appease vegetarians, killing all on board.


  • tiffany

    Please erect a giant turkey memorial, because every time I drive past it I will crave a nice juicy turkey leg…thank God for meat!!!!

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