WASIKE BEATING: Teen Testifies Against Friend

mike wasike

A friend testified against his friend in the first degree robbery trial of Terrence Cheeks, Wednesday.

Cheeks is one of three Des Moines teenagers accused of the severe beating of Mike Wasike in February 2013.

Wasike suffered permanent brain damage when he was pulled from his car and beaten during a carjacking.

Today in Cheeks’ trial, co-defendant Kenneth Barry took the stand. The Des Moines Register reports Barry told the jury that Cheeks used Barry’s gun to beat Wasike.

In exchange for testifying, Barry accepted a plea deal from prosecutors. He will be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Cheeks faces up to 50 years if convicted.

A third co-defendant, Leshaun Murray has already pled guilty to lesser charges.


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