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DRUG DOCTOR: Trial Continues With Medical Examiner Testimony

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Jurors in the trial of a Des Moines doctor, charged with manslaughter, got a clearer explanation of how some of Dr. Daniel Baldi's patients died.

The Chief Polk County Medical Examiner took the stand and explained the cause of death for five of the nine patients, including Slipknot bass guitarist Paul Gray.

“Mr. Gray had his heart disease due to his high blood pressure and coronary artery disease for quite some time there was something that tripped him over into a condition where he ended up dying and certainly the levels of fentanyl combined with morphine would be enough to cause his death,” said Chief Polk County Medical Examiner Gregory Schmunk.

Schmunk says even though Gray had heart disease, it was an overdose of fentanyl and morphine that killed him.

However, on cross-examination, Schmunk acknowledged the medication in Gray's system at the time of death was not the medication prescribed by Dr. Baldi.

“You don't have any evidence that Doctor Baldi prescribed the fentanyl or morphine that you determined was the acute combined toxicity leading to his death,” said Defense Attorney Guy Cook.

Schmunk responded, “That is correct."

The prosecution will continue to call more witnesses Friday morning, the defense hopes to call its first witnesses on Monday.