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MAN ARRESTED: Over 60 Horses Found Neglected

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A Bremer County man is facing charges for neglecting nearly 60 horses.

Police arrested 59-year-old Steven Frahm Tuesday at his home in Sumner.

Frahm is charged with ten courts of animal neglect in addition to one serious misdemeanor of animal neglect.

Officials say the horses bred too fast and there were too many to manage.

A neighbor told KWWL that she didn’t think the animals’ poor conditions were out of malice.

“I don’t think he was intentionally breeding them,” Donna Zell said. “But, they kept breeding on and on and on, so he’d have 10 or 11 in the summertime, and it just got to be too big.”

An Animal Services Manager at the Animal Rescue League says this was one of the worst cases of animal neglect he has seen.

“Just the conditions that I saw – there’s skinny horses, definitely skinny horses, ones that definitely weren’t maintained,” Josh Colvin said.

Six of the animals had to be euthanized because they were in such poor conditions.

Several of the horses were brought to Des Moines to be cared for by the Animal Rescue League.


  • Canine Friend

    So who else stepped up to help, only the ARL and a Colvin made the news. Are there others who stepped up to help?

    And there are no oops breeding, so there is no unintentional breeding, he is solely responsible for the reckless care and cruelty, no excuses.
    And how many times was this reported to the ARL and the Sheriff before something was done?
    60 neglected horses should be at least 60 neglect charges, tack on cruelty and anything else that follows the Law, just do something for a change.

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