SYNTHETIC DRUGS: Iowa AG Files Lawsuit

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Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller says a suit filed this week is a first of its kind in combating the sale of synthetic drugs in Iowa.

Jan and Mike Rozga have been battling the sale of synthetic marijuana… ever since their son David committed suicide after smoking it nearly four years ago. “He`s gone. But we`re fighting for him,” said Jan Rozga.

But it hasn’t been an easy fight. Attorney General Tom Miller says distributors are finding loopholes within the laws so they can continue selling synthetic drugs.

But Miller now thinks he’s found his own loophole. This week he filed a civil lawsuit against the owners of Shop N Save on Northwest 2nd Street in Des Moines after police found an estimated 960 packages of synthetic substances.

The lawsuit alleges that the owners violated the Iowa Drug, Device, and Cosmetic Act and the Iowa Consumer Fraud Act. The lawsuit claims that the synthetic drug sales attempt to evade laws that ban the substances.

Miller wants the defendants to stop advertising and selling synthetic drugs.

The lawsuit also seeks unspecified civil penalties, which is set by state law at up to $40,000 per violation.

Miller says behind this lawsuit is a message to other businesses selling synthetic marijuana. “We will bring these kinds of actions whenever we suspect or have some evidence that synthetic drugs are being sold,” said Miller.


  • Jessica

    I need to comment on this subject. This first of all needs to STOP being called “synthetic marijuana”. Its nothing like marijuana. Its extremely addicitive and dangerous. If you want a real case, I think I need to speak to someone about what this drug did to me. And its still being sold. Makes me furious.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    Funny, he grandstands on this, but continues to let the alcohol board ignore it’s legal duties, alcohol of course being the most dangerous drug in Iowa.

    Oh wait, he has a drug abusing sociopath on his staff.

  • Matt Sponsler

    If the lawmakers would just legalize real marijuana they would stop all the problems with fake crap that is killing people. Ever heard of anybody going crazy on pot? NO. Lets stop trying to play God and smoke the real stuff that he gave us!

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