AGRIBUSINESS: Export Programs Up And Running After Farm Bill Lapse

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After funding lapsed without a farm bill last year, export programs like the Market Access Program and Foreign Market Development Program were temporarily suspended. As soon as the Agricultural Act of 2014 passed, USDA foreign Agricultural Service Administrator Phil Karsting says FAS was back in the saddle to help program participants promote U.S. ag products abroad.

This week FAS released funding for fiscal year 2014, which began in October of last year.

Among recipients, the American Soybean Association received $4.5 million dollars in MAP funds and just over $5 million in FMD allocations. Cotton Council International once again received more MAP funds than any other participant, almost $15.5 million dollars.

You can see how much taxpayer money will fund promotion of agricultural products abroad by clicking here (Market Access Program) or here (Foreign Market Development Program).