BILL INTRODUCED: State Worker Confidential Settlements Ban

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After weeks of hearings, Senate democrats are out with their own bill to end confidential settlements with state workers.

Since 2011 the Branstad administration has agreed to 24-confidential settlements. At least one involved additional money in order to keep the agreement confidential.

In response, the Senate introduced and approved the 2014 Accountability Act on Friday.

The bill bans confidential settlements across all three branches of government.

The measure still needs approval in the House.

Governor Branstad has seen his poll numbers slide in the wake of the confidential settlements.

A Republican insider says his campaign remains strong but that Branstad needs to work on leading the state.

“The issue is the governance. The question here is whether or not he has the appropriate control and management of the state government. That’s the issue here. That bleeds into impacting the election. It’s not a campaign question is a governance question,” Doug Gross said on IPTV’s Iowa Press. “I think he can improve his governance of the state and I think he needs to.”

The latest Public Policy Poll had Governor Branstad just five points ahead of challenger and Democratic State Senator Jack Hatch.


  • Branstad: Bad News and Good News

    Bad News: Branstad was governor when Reagan was president.

    Good News: Few Iowans are morally low enough to get into politics.

  • William Denison

    Chuck Grassley ran for office while Jimmy Carter was president.Hes 81 years old and folks are laughing at him and the rest of us here in this state We Iowans must clean house this fall. If not Iowa will sink to even a deeper low making us even look more like fools to the rest of the nation. Vote out the GOP.

  • JPenny

    One must remember that Branstad is slicker than deer snot on a doorknob. During his first term he delighted in instructing us on becoming better parents all the while his own son was causing him a lot of embarrassment. His kid even got off vehicular homicide for killing two people. Somehow he will attempt to get all the credit for this new law and try to make it look like it was his idea. Time to put Terry out to pasture.

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