CANNABIS OIL: Bill Goes To The House

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Advocates of the medical cannabis bill are asking Iowa representatives for their vote.

On Thursday, the Iowa Senate voted 36-12 in favor of a bill to legalize the use of medical cannabis oil for the treatment of epilepsy.

The oil does not provide a high and cannot be smoked.

If passed, patients would have to travel outside of Iowa to states where it is legal to purchase the oil.

Opponents of the bill say this is something the FDA should decide, not a legislative body. Others says more studies are needed to verify its effectiveness and if it`s even safe.

But mother Sally Gaer says she is willing to take that chance to help her daughter.

“I`m watching how other parents in the Dravet syndrome community move to Colorado uproot their families, change their lives and use it and they`re seeing results with their children,” Gaer said.

The bill was assigned to a House subcommittee today.


  • Jeff

    My son has had seizures since the age of 18 months, he is now 20 years old. He has been hospitalized more than 60 times, he has been on every seizure medicine available and now takes 20 pills a day and still has seizure activity. Along with all the medication comes the side effects such as drooling, lethargy and severe shakes. I have read studies on the oil and would be willing to try anything to cut down on some of the medications and the side effects that come with them. I am so tired of Iowa politicians who promise everything to get elected and don’t keep their word when they do get elected. Let one of their kids get a debilitating illness and see how fast they would move to get something approved.

    • Chris Lame

      I have not done a hundred percent of the research but from my understanding this bill is on a CBD oil with very low THC I think if you check into it you’re going to need some sort of THC depending on side effects you’re trying to cure from other medication.

  • Chris Lame

    I agree something needs to be done

    but this law is wrong
    it does not address anything
    where is this oil gonna come from.
    Everyone thinks colorado but colorado has laws to follow.
    a Colorado Dr has to recommend it you must be a resident of Colorado as well as have a Colorado State Id
    not to mention you still have the state of Nebraska to cross through
    as well what about people with cancer ;severe pain MS Parkinson’s diseasewhat about the people with AIDS hepatitis
    what about the soldiers with PSTD


    • Chris Lame

      put it to a vote put it on the state ballot and November and let people decide if they want it if they do then make the pharmcy board wright the rules

      not a bunch of part time lawyers part time farmers

      I know this is to much common sense

  • William Denison

    My question to law makers is what do you think your stopping? Nothing.
    Your deeds only show you people are not only out of touch but you are as corrupt as your leadership is. Just remember one thing..Karma can be a bi*^%.

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    As for moms driving on oil runs to Oregon along the Interstate Highway systems of America WITH severely disabled child into, is that the safest. healthiest thing to do. Only if an Iowan, just like me, were to establish residency here in Colorado, then register as register medical marijuana patient, I then can make purchases at a dispensary here for medical marijuana products. The advanced CBD oil research is in Colorado. Also not allowed to leave state with medicine. Oregon does accept out of state patient applications, once approved good for six months.

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