CANNABIS OIL: Bill Goes To The House

marijuana oil thc cannabis

Advocates of the medical cannabis bill are asking Iowa representatives for their vote.

On Thursday, the Iowa Senate voted 36-12 in favor of a bill to legalize the use of medical cannabis oil for the treatment of epilepsy.

The oil does not provide a high and cannot be smoked.

If passed, patients would have to travel outside of Iowa to states where it is legal to purchase the oil.

Opponents of the bill say this is something the FDA should decide, not a legislative body. Others says more studies are needed to verify its effectiveness and if it`s even safe.

But mother Sally Gaer says she is willing to take that chance to help her daughter.

“I`m watching how other parents in the Dravet syndrome community move to Colorado uproot their families, change their lives and use it and they`re seeing results with their children,” Gaer said.

The bill was assigned to a House subcommittee today.


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