FT. DODGE PROM: Court Honors Students Facing Challenges

Fort Dodge Senior High student leaders decided to do something different with prom.

After the school district underwent a program called “Rachel’s Challenge” they learned about trying to prevent bullying in their school.  One way to do that is to reach out to some students who have in the past may have been subjected to teasing.

The idea was first launched last year.  It went so well they decided to do it again.

“These students work just as hard, or harder, than the students in our school without special needs, and we feel like they should be given the same opportunities as every other student,” said student Benjamin Ahlers in an email to WHO-HD.

The students are all graduating seniors. They are:

Kelsie Moss, Daughter of Christine Moss

Dylan Gurnett, Son of Mike and Laura Gurnett

Mary Bethke, Daughter of Ton and Dawn Bethke

Justin Wildt, Son of Karen Wildt and Rocky Wildt

Hannah Smith, Daughter of Rose Johnson

Akeem Vaughns, Son of Melissa Laird

Lauren Wertz, Daughter of Pat Webb and  also escorted by Grandma Marge

Buck Trueblood, Son of Tricia Trueblood, and Jeffery Sorenson

Deseria Spencer, Daughter of Brenda and Randy Spencer

Tonya Vanderpool Daughter of James and Rocky Vanderpool


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