E- CIGS: FDA Proposal Could Harm Industry

On Thursday, the FDA proposed regulations governing the highly controversial electronic cigarettes.

Owner of Central Iowa Electronic Cigarettes, Corey Halfhill, says the industry is flourishing.

“In a year and a half, we`ve been able open a total of 3 stores and it’s been a quickly growing industry.”

Halfhill says the industry’s’ target audience is people over the age of 30. The store prohibits selling products to minors, a step ahead of what the FDA proposed earlier this week.

In February, the Iowa House of Representatives passed a bill that mirrors the FDA’s proposal.

Representative Chip Baltimore says the bill limited the sale of e – cigarettes to minors and restricted which stores could sell the products. The bill must pass the through the Senate to be considered for the Governor’s signature.

Politicians, store owners and activists all agree on keeping consumers safe. However, store owners and activists fear the FDA will over – regulate vaping flavors and vaping devices.

Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives, President, Julie Woesnner, says too many regulations will threaten the future of small local vape shops.

“What’s going to happen is a lot of the companies simply aren`t going to do comply to regulations because of financial reasons they are going to limit their options,” says Woessner.

Halfhill fears the regulations could sway vapers back towards the tobacco industry.

“If they take the flavors away they may feel it’s their need to go back to cigarettes.”


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