ERNST EDORSEMENT: Palin Rallys For Iowa Candidate

Five Iowa Republicans running for U.S. Senate have a little more than five weeks to win support from primary voters. Sunday, one of those candidates, Joni Ernst, called in former Alaska governor Sarah Palin to lend her support.

“Time is short. We don’t need a lot of touchy – feely compassion, singing around the campfire when it comes to these campaigns,” says former vice president candidate, Sarah Palin.

Palin came in swinging during the heels off, gloves on rally on Sunday in West Des Moines.

“They try to make it sound like women are defenseless; that women need big government to run our lives because they can run it better than we for ourselves.”

For 15 minutes she tore down what she claims liberals have dubbed against conservatives, “The War on Women.” Endorsing Ernst, Palin encouraged the room to support Ernst in her campaign for US Senate.

“She’s not one that`s going to be told to sit down and shut up and sit in the back corner and let the good old boy keep doing that their doing all these years that is refreshing that is what is needed.”

Some say publicity from Palin will help Ernst earn the title of Iowa’s first elected female.

“I think it will help her. She has a strong following too and I think Lt. Kim Reynolds helping too, will be great,” says supporter, Amanda Waske.

However the Democratic Party of Iowa says, “If Ernst and other Iowa republicans believe Palin is the best representative to speak on their values, they are in for a rude awaking. With one of the smallest crowds she has ever had in the state it’s clear that Iowan’s are less than impressed with a right wing celebrity like Sarah Palin.”

Still Ernst stood before 300 supporters pushing her plans to repeal and replace Obamacare and defend second amendment rights, hoping to earn her way to Washington D.C.

“I do have a servant’s heart I want to continue serving. Send me to Washington D.C. Let’s make it happen,” says Ernst.

Ernst is considered a front runner for the seat. Mark Jacobs, Matt Whitaker, Sam Clovis and Scott Shaben are also competing for the seat. The primary is set for June 3rd.


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