THE INSIDERS: Price and Albrecht, April 27 – Part 1

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Democrats say Governor Branstad is not doing enough to find the mastermind of the hush money settlements.  In addition, they believe that he is stopping the public from finding out whether those serious allegations against former Commandant David Worley were founded.

The Governor however is focused on stopping settlements of such nature in the future.  He is not interested in looking at those that happened in the past and says it is State law that is preventing him from opening up the Worley investigation.

Joining Channel 13's Dave Price in this week's edition of The Insiders are two people who have first hand knowledge of working in a Governor's Office and for a State Party.  Troy Price served as Communications Director for Former Governor Chet Culver and is the current Executive Director of the Iowa Democratic Party.  Tim Albrecht worked as Communications Director for both the Republican Party of Iowa as well as for Governor Branstad, and currently the Director of Redwave Digital.


For part 2, click here.

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