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AGRIBUSINESS: FFA Annual Convention In Ames

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Instead of red jerseys filling the stadium, Hilton Colosseum saw a sea of blue corduroy jackets.

On Monday, the Iowa FFA Association had its annual state convention at Iowa State University. They joined with Meals of the Heartland with the goal of packaging over 250,000 meals.

FFA is a nationwide organization with 14,000 members in the state of Iowa and engages students in agriculture education. But not all of the students involved plan on becoming farmers.

Josh Earll is the Iowa FFA State President, he says the organization is much broader and more inclusive than that.

"A lot of people think of agriculture, they think of a farmer. You know you're out there farming, I mean I'm sure we've heard this all the time but agriculture is so broad, you can do so many things. You could be in small-town Sibley, Iowa where I'm from, or you could be in Des Moines doing something related to agriculture as well. And it's not just for specific people, it can be for everyone."

Earll says FFA drove him to pursue agriculture.

"In high school I never really thought I would like to be involved in agriculture but going through FFA, just every single year I learned so much more about agriculture and got so much more interested in it." He says, "[There are] just so many opportunities through FFA and it just means the world to me."

The annual Iowa FFA convention spans a three-day period, and features a career fair, talent shows and scholarships.