BALDI TRIAL: Judge Throws Out Two Charges

The trial of a Des Moines doctor charged with involuntary manslaughter picked back up in Polk County Monday morning.

Before the defense called its first witness to testify, the judge threw out two of the charges.

“The court has withdrawn count one concerning Jeffery Johnson and count seven concerning Chad Martin from any other responsibilities that you may have,” said Assistant Polk County Judge Gregory Brandt to the jury.

Judge Brandt ruled the state failed to provide a direct correlation between Baldi and the two former patients.

In both cases, the patient hadn’t seen Baldi for months prior to their death and did not have any medications prescribed by Baldi in their system at time of death.

Baldi now faces seven charges of involuntary manslaughter.

The defense called two medical examiners, a toxicologist and a pain management doctor to testify.

All were asked to review the medical records for the seven remaining cases.

In the case of Jason Spong, Dr. Andrew Baker testified his death had nothing to do with the medications he was on but rather underlying medical conditions.

“I would consider his heart disease the primary cause of his death, I would consider his morbid obesity and his obstructive sleep apnea and his large and fatty liver to be contributing conditions,” says Dr. Baker, a medical examiner in Minnesota.

The defense will continue Tuesday by calling their final witness to testify.



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