HUMAN TRAFFICKING: New Tough Law Commended

sex trafficking iowa

Human trafficking activists didn’t hesitate to use some shocking statistics to make their point during a meeting in Des Moines Monday evening.

“There are more people enslaved right now in the United States than at any point in our country’s history.”

Criminal investigator, Michael Furjack, told the crowd at the Des Moines Social Club that the city’s location at the intersection of Interstates 80 and 35 makes it a prime location for the trafficking of young girls and boys.

Activist Tina Frundt commended the Iowa legislature for passing a tough new anti-trafficking law this spring.

“They’re going after the men that bought sex from minors, putting them on a sex offender’s list and charging them. We should have been doing that, so I commend Iowa for that,” Frundt said.

Governor Branstad signed the new bill into law last week. It increases the penalty for those who pimp or solicit minors.


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