SENATE RACE: Gov. Perry Endorses Whitaker

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Republican candidates for Senate are lining up some big name endorsements.

This weekend former vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin visited Iowa in support of Joni Ernst.

Palin says if Ernst is elected, she will reduce spending, protect the Second Amendment and push to repeal Obamacare.

Today Ernst’s opponent Matt Whitaker picked up an endorsement of his own.

Texas Governor Rick Perry says Whitaker is a constitutional conservative who will rein in the federal government.


  • Right Wing Patriot

    Matt Whitaker is a good, decent man and would be a excellent senator for Iowa. Joni Ernst would be equally as good. We are fortunate to have two quality individulas to choose from.

      • Right Wing Patriot

        Instead of an insult how about your opinion as to why these candidates would do a poor job? Classic Liberal tactic, calling names and no substance.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      Ever notice how many “patriots” hide behind phony names so they never have to be accountable for what they post.

      So much bravery and courage.

      By the way, any politician who believes they have the right to impose their religious beliefs on others as these clowns do spit in the face of our founding fathers.

  • gimmieabreak

    1st off:
    I don’t believe for a second Joni has actually “cut pigs”
    maybe within 100 yards she was there, maybe
    i.e. 99.99 % chance she’s a manipulator & a liar from the get-go
    (after a claim like that I need verified time-stamped video)
    when asked about continued gravy-train support of the tax-funded farm-subsidies insurance program she would not give a direct answer insinuating taxpayers are the suckers once again.
    bye bye Joni…

  • middle of the road

    Matt Whitaker wants to deny folks healthcare. He has a snowballs chance in a hot coffee pot. The guy is out of touch and a bullie.

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