STATE BLACKLIST: Lawsuit Filed Against State, Gov. Branstad

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Three state workers who were fired and then placed on a so-called “do not hire” list are suing the state, Governor Branstad and the former director of the Department of Administrative Services.

The suit claims the “do not hire” list, or blacklist, is illegal.

It also alleges the nearly one-thousand people on the list were denied their right to due process.

“There probably are people that shouldn`t be re-hired. But if you`re going to have a re-hire list, have some sort of procedure in place that an employee is given notice they`re on the list, that they`re given the opportunity to contest being on the list,” attorney Thomas Duff said.

Duff also says it’s his understanding each state university maintains a “blacklist.” Collectively, those lists may contain the names of an additional 600 people.

The governor’s office declined to comment saying it does not comment on pending litigation.


  • Rebecca Hergert

    I haven’t had a job for a good 2 decades.
    I don’t care about the job anymore, cause I learn to be strong & lose 246 pounds/doing volunteer work in my community & sacrificing alot of things in my life.
    I rather see people that do this to incident/honest/law abiding citizens be put in jail/fine big time!!

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